Joseph K. Davis The Secret Is Out
A Miraculous Cord Blood Stem Cell Success Story

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I'm Joseph K. Davis, author of The Secret Is Out: Cord Blood Stem Cells.

About the Author

Joseph K. Davis earned a bachelor of science degree in nursing from Austin Peay State University. He is cofounder and vice-president of CBP World Awareness, an organization dedicated to educating individuals and families about important health related issues and breakthroughs. The Davis family lives in Cedar Hill, Texas.

About my latest book, The Secret Is Out: Cord Blood Stem Cells

The optimism and excitement author Joseph K. Davis and his wife, Darlene, shared in the birth of their firstborn son, Joseph Davis II, quickly turned into fear and uncertainty in January of 2000. They received the news that he had been born with life-threatening sickle-cell anemia, a genetic blood disorder characterized by red blood cells that assume an abnormal, rigid, sickle shape. The Davis family was prepared to do anything they could to help their little boy.

In The Secret Is Out, Davis shares the family's experience dealing with their son's debilitating and potentially fatal illness and how little Joseph survived after undergoing a cord blood stem cell transplant. The story sheds light on this miracle of science that was once considered to be an experimental procedure, but has now—partly with their family's help—become an effective, internationally recognized form of treatment for a host of ailments once thought incurable.

The Secret Is Outtells a true story of the courageous and bold perseverance of one family in the fight to save their son.